Up to 95% Financing on all ISUZU Trucks
Up to 95% Financing on ISUZU Heavy Trucks
Up to 100% Financing for School and Church busues

About ME

Dan Njoroge also known as Dan Wa Trucks


Your partner in ISUZU solutions

Are you searching for the perfect Isuzu Truck for your business needs? Look no further! With a passion for Isuzu vehicles and a commitment to providing tailored solutions, I empower businesses like yours with customized logistics and ownership guidance.


Why choose me? 

How to Get Financing


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Approved ISUZU Sales Agent. Buy your ISUZU Trucks, Pick Up - single and double cab, Buses at Zero mileage. 95% to 100% Financing available. Call / Whatsapp 0728 11 00 83
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